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  ① Given the factors that I have just outlined, it is wise to support the statement that…

  ② From what has been discussed above/Judging from all evidence offered, we may safely/ undoubtedly draw/ come to/arrive at the conclusion that …

  ③ Taking into account all these factors/ In view of the above-mentioned facts,we should draw/ come to/arrive at the conclusion that…

  ④ All the available/ conclusive/ reliable/ striking evidence goes to show/ piles up to show that…

  ⑤ All the evidence/ analysis supports/ warrants an unmistakable/ fair conclusion that…

  ⑥ All the evidence/ analysis justifies/ confirms an unshakable/ sound view/ idea that…

  ⑦ All the available/ conclusive/ reliable/ striking evidence points to the fact/ lends support to the view that …

  ⑧ To sum up/ conclude,…/ The conclusion is self-evident.…

  ⑨ Weighing up these two arguments, I am for ….

  ⑩ Taking into account all these factors/ In view of the above-mentioned facts, I prefer …


  To conclude, smoking is nothing but evil as it is so harmful to people. All smokers should be taught of the great harm of smoking and be persuaded out of smoking. More importantly, we should protect our children from the harm of smoking through education.





  ① Clearly/ Obviously/ No doubt, if we do not/ cannot…/ if we ignore/ are blind to…, there is every chance/ chances that…/ it is very likely that…

  ②Any person/ nation/ society who/ which ignores/ is blind to/ fails to learn… would pay a heavy price.

  ③ Fortunately, however, more and more people come to realize the importance of… and improvement si in near future.

  ④ If we work on… from now on, in foreseeable future, we will not be perplexed/ cursed/ overwhelmed by the same dilemma/ problem.

  ⑤ If we can solve the problem with no efforts spared, human being will not be caught/ stuck in the same conditions.

  ⑥ There is no effective/ easy solution/ approach to the issue/ problem of…, but… might be helpful/ beneficial./ but our commitment will be rewarded as long as we insist on assuming our responsibility on it.

  ⑦ Following these methods may not guarantee the success in…, but the pay-off will be worth the sweat we shed.

  ⑧ The effect that… will bring about are far-reaching.


  All these things come to one simple fact: people are always trying very hard to get a better life. Any nation which ignores the importance of developing its productivity and consequently improving the life of its people will have to pay a heavy price.





  ① It is high time that we…/ It is ripe time for us to… in no half-hearted manner.

  ② It is essential/ necessary/ important/ imperative that effective/ quick/ proper measures/ actions/ steps/ remedies should be taken to…

  ③ If there is time to…, it is now.

  ④ To reverse the trend is not a light task, and it requires keen consciousness of…

  ⑤ There is no denying that considerable attention must be paid to the plight of…

  ⑥ We must call for an immediate action/ method, because the current tendency of …, if permitted to develop at will, it will result in the destruction of …

  ⑦ Only when… all go into action can we…


  It is high time that we took some measures to protect our environment. Government should make a law to punish those polluting our environment, and the public should realize the importance of environmental protection.





  六级写作中常用的比喻手法是明喻和暗喻。明喻要使用诸如like, as之类的比喻词,另外as if, as though, as… as, similar to等也可以表示明喻。暗喻一般不用比喻词,只是用be动词表示比喻对象的相似性。


  Working in big companies is similar to the role played by a screw in a big machine.






  If you promise to help when ou should say “No”, you may in the end fail to keep your promise and lose your friend’s trust. On the other hand, even if you have succeeded in fulfilling your friend’s will, you may fell depressed because you must have put in too much energy or money. You may even become a criminal if you help to do something.






  1. Will so-called lucky numbers really bring people good luck? I don’t think so.

  2. So far as the present situation is concerned, is it a good or bad thing to open the university campus for tourists? Different people have their own opinions.



  1. Why not work together to put an end to such immoral behaviors?

  2. Isn’t it high time we eliminated fake commodities from the market?





  We, though different in colors, different in languages, and different in cultures, can bind together to fulfill any tough mission.





  I have got a million reasons to object to your proposal.





  As a Chinese old saying goes, traveling ten thousand miles and reading ten thousand books is the top ideal for people. Travel does broaden our mind. It enables us to appreciate beautiful scenery, value the culture and customs of a people and lean the history.

  【点评】本段话是一篇文章的开头段,通过“traveling ten thousand miles and reading ten thousand books is the top ideal for people(行万里路,读万卷书)”人人认同的格言引出“旅游开阔视野“的主题,令人信服,且颇显文采。