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  1.It’up to you.听你的

  2.How can I get in touch with you?与他人保持联系

  3.Where is the bathroom/ladies’or men’s room?请问洗手间在哪里?

  4.It’s my treat/It’s on me this time.这次由我请客

  5.The sooner, the better.越快越好.



  6.Take your time.别急.

  7.When is the most convenient time for you?最合适的时间.

  8.How shall I address you? 该怎么称呼你更恰当?

  9.Would you care for a cup of coffee/tea?要杯咖啡吗?

  10.So far, so good.目前一切正常.

  11.I couldn’t get through.电话打不通.

  12.Be my guest.请便.



  13.Let’s keep in touch.保持联系.

  14.I couldn’t help it/myself.我无能为力.

  15.Let’s get to the point./don’t beat around the bush.别拐弯抹角,打开天窗说亮话.

  16.Far from it.绝不!

  17.What do you recommend?推荐,建议.

  18.It ’s out of the question.不可能的.

  19.It doesn’t make any differences.无所差异.

  20.It doesn’t work.行不通.

  21.Think nothing of it/don’t mention it.没事儿.

  22.I can’t express myself very well in English.不能用英语很好地表达.

  23.That is beyond me/way over my head.无能为力,无法效劳.对我而言这实在太难了.

  24.I’m working on it.我正在办理.

  25.Are you pulling my leg?你在开我玩笑吗?



  26.Drop me a line.写一两句给我就行了.

  27.I’m feeling under the weather.身体不适.

  28.You’re the boss.听你的,由你做主.

  29.Can you give me a hand?你能帮个忙吗?

  30.Let’s give him a big hand.让我们热烈鼓掌.

  31.Let’s get together one of these days.找个机会聚聚.

  32.I’m pressed for time.没空,太忙了.

  33.I won’t take much time.不会花很多的时间.